Exercise Display

FitnessExplorer exercise graphs display not only the exercise fields versus time but also simultaneously shows the spectral histograms of the fields.  Highligh part of the graph and the spectral histograms are dynamically updated in real time.  Zoom in to a small part of the graph and play with the scroll bar to fly the graph backward and forward.

Displaying multiple exercise graphs simultaneously is a powerful tool to compare performance over time.


In addition to defining points, FitnessExplorer can highlight and save any number of data ranges.  Highlighting a section of the graph will cause the "range" statistics including duration, distance, ascent and the average and maximum for heart rate, speed, power, cadence and climbing rate at the bottom of the graph to be dynamically updated to reflect the part of the exercise included in the range.  The spectral histograms are also dynamically updated.  The thin bar at the bottom of the graph shows the current range that is reflected in the statistics and histograms.

Any Number of Ranges

FitnessExplorer supports any number of ranges.  They can even overlap.  Here is a graph with 4 saved ranges.  (The one on the bottom of the graph shows the range used for the statistics and histograms.)  Clicking on a saved range makes it the current ranges and updates the statistics and histogram.


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